Our 2020 Project Will Have 2 Songs To Choose From:

• Into The Unknown - Panic at the Disco

• Christmas Every Day - Simple Plan

(Participants Can Only Submit 1 Song Choice)


Previous Years

2020 Project

xLights Around The World


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Song Voting - July 2020

Voting will take place on the Official xLights Around the World Facebook page.  There will be two rounds of voting and final top voted song will be chosen.  You will need to purchase the original song to use with the sequence, link will be posted to the right in Resources.

Sequence Released - September 2020

Once the final sequence is complete and ready for distribution, it will be uploaded to the Google Drive folder which you can obtain by clicking the link to the right in Resources.

Video Submissions - Due By December 15, 2020

After mapping the sequence to your display, you will need to submit your video in order for it to be featured in the project.  A video submission link will be available on this page and only way to submit your video. Participants may only submit 1 song choice for the project, but you are welcome to use both sequences in your own show!

Final Video Release - December 22, 2020

The team will be hard at work editing the final video which will showcase everyones display that participated and released on this day.

2020 Project Timeline:

Into The Unknown

Song & Sequence


Christmas Every Day

Song & Sequence