2021 Project


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This project is a yearly video compilation showcasing animated Christmas lighting enthusiasts. Each year, a song is announced and anyone in the world is encouraged to sequence, film, and submit their display.

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2021 Project - Zero & You Make It Feel Like Christmas

What xLights Users Are Saying About The Project:

"Thank you Ryan and team. This song is by far the crowd favorite!  Plus watching it makes me happy and for a short time, brings me into the song, forgetting about being fired from a job this year and almost losing my family! This song takes me to a happier place."

Jonathan Landingham

"I was reluctant to include this song in my line up because it isn't really a Christmas song, however it has been very well received. Have had several comments stating it was their favorite.  Great job with giving us a great sequence to work with."

Laron Leake

"The sequencing job was amazing, for that to be so universal yet look that good on so many displays is incredible. I know it enabled newbies like myself to get involved! Thanks again."

Erik Hsu

"A weird byproduct of this hobby is how some non Christmas music is now forever Christmasy in my memories...Trolls... Moana... Both now have music that's deeply linked to Christmas for me now. Same with The Greatest Showman... Go figure"

Jon Tupper