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The 2023 project will have two different songs to choose from, one traditional Christmas themed and the other Non-Christmas themed.  Each song will have multiple sequences from different members of the community.  You are welcome to choose any of the ready to go sequences, or create your own so long as you use the same audio file for video synchronization.

Song selection and voting will take place in the summer months, with the sequencing being released no later than Thanksgiving.  After sequences are released, there will be a few weeks for you to map the sequence file and record your display for submission.  You may only choose one song to participate in for the project, but you are welcome to use any or all of the shared sequences provided.

We look forward to another great year and appreciate your participation!

~XATW Team

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Suggestions are now closed, final voting round will begin soon.

Voting Has Ended.
Winning song choices to be announced today live from the Southern California Mini!
Website will be updated tomorrow, stay tuned…

The votes are in and the final results are….

Final 2023 Christmas Song

Final 2023 Non-Christmas Song

Voting Stats:

Kid on Christmas

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Submissions are now closed, stay tuned for final video release soon!

xLights Around The World - 2023 Final Video!!

The xLights Around The World Team

Russell McFarland

Lead Project Director

Jorden Nash

Video Editor & Coordinator

Ryan Kasper-Cook

Website & Sequence Coordinator

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